#9 – Dog Lover’s Extravaganza – Dog Walking/sitting, a Gift From City Paws, and a Celebrity Turn for Your Pooch!

  • 11/9/20

Dog walking, dog sitting, dog treats, and a starring role for your celebrity dog  - This package has it all! Brian Romanowski, LCCA board member and dog lover, will provide either one weekend of dog sitting (3 days) or 9 dog walks on a mutually agreed upon schedule. Pick up some treats for your pooch with a $25 gift card to City Paws Animal Hospital (privately donated). And, your pet will be featured as "Dog of the Month" on LCCA's social media accounts. Celebrate your canine best friend by winning this package!

Minimum opening bid: $120

​​​​​​​Email lccaindc@gmail.com with subject Line Listing Item Number Nine

You will be notified when your bid is processed and again if someone overbids you. 

NOTE: This won’t be automatic. We’re a volunteer-run organization; please be patient with any delays in confirming your bid. 

Purchasers can pay by check or online by credit card. Payment details will be sent to winning bidders. Payment must be received by December 6th, or items may be sold to the next highest bidder. Winning bids are not tax-deductible.

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