#2 – Organize Your Space - With the Help of a Personal Organizer and Logan Hardware

  • 11/16/20

Have you noticed, while spending more time at home, that your closets and drawers are overflowing? Do you need help sorting and organizing your space? Sophie Oberstein, LCCA board member, as well as life coach and organizer, will help you tackle one problem area in your home for up to two hours. Says a former client: "Thank you so much for helping me "dig out" from my mess. I know how much lighter I feel already." Use your Logan Hardware $100 gift card to help with organizing supplies - or any housewares you might need.   

Minimum opening bid: $75

​​​​​​​Email lccaindc@gmail.com with subject Line Listing Item Number Two

You will be notified when your bid is processed and again if someone overbids you.

NOTE: This won’t be automatic. We’re a volunteer-run organization; please be patient with any delays in confirming your bid.

Purchasers can pay by check or online by credit card. Payment details will be sent to winning bidders. Payment must be received by December 6th, or items may be sold to the next highest bidder. Winning bids are not tax-deductible.

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