The Circle Gets Its Name

It was not until 1930 that Congress finally passed a Law changing the name from Iowa Circle to Logan Circle in memory of Civil War General and Senator John A. Logan (D-IL). The General had lived (very briefly) at #4 Logan Circle during 1885, just one year before his death. The statue was commissioned in 1891 and was formally dedicated in the center of the Circle by President William McKinley on April 9, 1901. Its base was designed by noted architect Richard Morris Hunt (he also designed the pedestal under the Statue of Liberty), and the sculpture itself was created by artist Franklin Simmons. The whole is unique in Washington DC: the only entirely bronze statue and base. Historical Note: Just one month after President McKinley's second inauguration, he presided over the dedication of the statue in Logan Circle. A photographer snapped this image of the President sitting in top hat, facing the speaker, looking stolid. He was assassinated five months later, and was succeeded by VP Theodore Roosevelt.