Logan Circle has undergone a renaissance. Whole Foods Market celebrated its ten-year anniversary on the 1400 block of P Street in 2011, and hundreds of units of new housing have sprouted up or are under construction across the street and throughout the neighborhood. Many new restaurants have opened their doors near 14th and P Streets over the last several years. Night life is further enhanced by new, cool destinations such as Number 9, adding to all the established night life venues. And the neighborhood has become an arts and retail destination for the entire metro area. It seems that on almost every block you can find at least one old Victorian brownstone being restored to its original grandeur. In recent years, the Studio Theatre at 14th and P has undergone a significant expansion and complete  facelift. Other arts venues, including Miss Pixie’s back room, and Source Theatre, have been created or upgraded. The National Park Service completed a major renovation of the Logan Circle Park several years ago. Once Pierre Charles L’Enfant’s “Special Place,” briefly home to General John A. Logan, and backdrop to Duke Ellington’s childhood, the only 100 percent residential circle in Washington, D.C. has come a long way from its original incarnation as “Blodget’s Wilderness” and home to a gallows for hanging civil war defectors! Frequent sights in the park now include dog socials, picnics, bocce, croquet, and badminton.